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"No way. I don't believe it," Zeb said while thinking of his next move on their game of dejarik, the holographic creatures occasionally making tiny cries as they sat idle.

"Learned it at the Academy. It wasn't that hard." Sabine sat patient, knowing she'd be able to out wait the impatient lasat.

"Not buying it." Zeb punched in his choice, watching his piece move and completely missing the tightening at the corners of Sabine's eyes. "Look, kid. You're skilled. I ain't arguing that. But I simply can't believe you speak Wookie. Understand it, sure, but you don't have the vocal cords for it. No one but a wookie does."

"It's Shyriiwook, not wookie, and yes, I can." She set another lure in place for her move and sat back with a sly grin as she started humming.

Zeb made his next move. "Prove it then," he said, falling into her trap; both on the board and in the galley.

Turning the hum into a song, Sabine sang, "Uughguughhhghghghhhgh uughghhhgh uugggh aaaaahnr uughguughhhghghghhhgh, aarrragghuuhw huuguughghg wuuh uuh huurh huurh..."

Zeb winced, both at the shyriwook and seeing he'd lsot the game.

A few hours later, Zeb couldn't resist pointing out that knowing one song didn't mean she spoke the language. And really, how did he know she was even speaking proper words?

She just smiled and sang, "Aaaaahnr awwgggghhh hnnnhrrhhh uugggh, uughghhhgh huuguughghg aguhwwgggghhh uughguughhhghghghhhgh uggguh. Aarrragghuuhw huurh uughguughhhghghghhhgh awwgggghhh uughghhhgh huuguughghg raaaaaahhgh uggguh..."

Zeb decided he had things to do somewhere else, but she chased after him.

At dinner, Sabien didn't even give Zeb a chance to say anything, just started singing a new song as soon as she saw him,
"Uughghhhgh aaaaahnr wuuh raaaaaahhgh raaaaaahhgh uughguughhhghghghhhgh uughghhhgh aaahnruh huurh. uughguughhhghghghhhgh aarrragghuuhw aaaaahnr huurh huuguughghg wuuh aaahnruh wrrhwrwwhw uughghhhgh..."

"OKAY, OKAY, you can speak wookie or shyrilwook or whatever it's called, just stop!!!"

[Special thanks to Lee for helping me pick songs.]

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The Republic has fallen, long live the Empire...or so the propaganda and the government would have you believe.

Things are different than the galaxy far far away we are used to. The Republic still fell, the Jedi branded traitors and hunted to near extinction, but Palpatine's plan didn't go off quite so flawlessly as it had in other realities. Anakin Skywalker had discovered the chip used to control the clones and confronted the Chancelor before he was ready to execute Order 66, Anakin slipped into the Dark Side in an attempt to kill Palpatine, but escaped without managing to do the galaxy a favor.

Goaded into action, Palpatine advanced his plans and turned public and legal opinion against the Jedi. However, since he was forced to move before he was ready, his plans didn't work quite so well.

Forewarned of the potential for clones to be ordered to turn on them, many Jedi escaped death and went into hiding; many taking their closest clones with them for the medical procedure to remove the control chip.

Senators loyal to the Republic and the Jedi secretly meet to discuss means to fight against the corruption of their beloved Republic, forming the early Rebellion.

Out in galaxy, the Separatists still fight their war of expansion, with Count Dooku having never been killed by Anakin, and a new threat to the galaxy is growing as Maul returns to Mandalore after being freed from Republic custody by loyal Death Watch members. A new Mandalorian expansion begins.

Ten years later, the burgeoning Rebel Alliance is being ground between the Separatists, the Mandalorians, and the Empire. Although aided by a much reduced Jedi Order, the struggle may be too great.

Into all of this comes Sabine Wren. A young Mandalorian who grew up loyal to her clan and her people. When she shows early signs of force sensitivity, her mother (concerned she'll lose her daughter to Maul) contacts an old family friend, Bo-Katan, and arranges to get Sabine out of Mandalorian space before her daughter's talents are discovered. Bo-Katan (a member of Death Watch but who believes Mandalore should be lead by Mandalorians) contacts another old friend, Ahsoka Tano, who smuggles the young girl out and accepts her as a student.

Sabine proves an apt pupil, quickly learning any skills shown her, while deep inside the young padawan simmers a conflict; that she is dishonoring her Mandalorian heritage and failing her people.

Details not mentioned above:
- Anakin, while still alive, was gravely injured in his fight with Palpatine and still struggles with the Dark Side. He is kept in protective custody and only a very few people even know he's still alive and where he is. I'm guessing Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, and Padme are the only knows who know where he is, and Padme and Obi-Wan (since Mustafar doesn't happen in this AU) are the ones carrying for Anakin. Bail may know. Ahsoka has not told Sabine about Anakin.

- While the Jedi maintain the padawan learner tradition, they are simply too few to entrust training to one master. Thus padawans are moved around, a lot, with many taking part in their training. Sabine spends most of her time with either Ahsoka or Kanan and the Ghost crew. (The Jedi did take a good 5 years or so to recover and organize, so Kanan's past before SWR can easily have still happened. Order 66 did occur, just not every clone took a part in it.)
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 After completing the mission, Sabine goes in search of Hera. The galley is a bust, which means she's likely in the cockpit.

As she climbs the ladder, she can't help the clench of fear in her belly. She knows it's silly--she's bringing good news--but she can't help the thought of what happened back on Mandalore, when she thought was delivering good news and instead it was used to betray her friends. 

Back stiff, she enters and removes her helmet, holding it under her arm.

(It's totally not a comfort thing.)

 "The mission was a success."
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Still riding the high of a successful mission, both the short term and her personal long term one, Sabine enters and heads to the garage.

She just HAS to tell someone, and Jay and his drones seem the safest. She can't see anyway the news she wants to shout can get back to the Empire if she tells him.

The trick is if he's here or not.
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 The mission is simple. Stall the cargo ship from take off until the specified time, just fifteen minutes, and then get out before the bucketheads come in force. Easy, especially when you have a Lasan's throwing arm.

 Sabine checks her controls and their connection to the detinators before nodding over to Zeb, aka Specter Four across the way. He in turn looks over to the other alley to get Spector One's go ahead. The Imperials were in for an exciting night.
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"We're on a schedule here," Kanan said over his shoulder from the alley's entrance. He stood with his blaster half-raised, attention split between the street outside and Sabine. For her part, Sabine seemed to be ignoring him, instead calmly painting her newest starbird on the wall.

"We're doing fine on time. Our window is still wide open." A little more ochre, she thought and made the adjustment to her paint sprayer before she worked on shading the wings.

"If we're late, Specter 4 will worry."

"We have plenty of time."

Spotting stormtroopers rounding the corner and onto the street, Kanan ducked back into the alley and ran over to Sabine. "Not any more. Bucketheads."

"I'm done...no, wait." One quick touch up and then she holstered her sprayer to pull her blasters. "Now I'm done."

"You know, these missions would go smoother if you didn't feel the need to paint something every time." Kanan half-sung as they ran from Sabine's latest work. "I do like the new design though."

"The missions would go smoother if you'd allow for more variables."

"Do you really need to paint something every time? Maybe you should mix it up, do it every other time?"

"Yes and no."

"Mind telling me why?"

Sabine was about to reply when she noticed a notification on her helmet's display. Nothing pressing, just a reminder, but it still made her silent as she ran. Sensing something was wrong, Kanan looked over and asked, "Specter 5?"

"I'll explain why some other time, like when we aren't running from bucketheads."

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Back on the slaver's ship, Sabine weighted her options. Most of the other slaves were young, cowed, and poorly feed. They wouldn't put up much of a fight and likely couldn't take the shock required to overload the collars being used to keep them in line. She couldn't blame them, even if it did make her job harder. The Empire already did most of the slavers work for them.

Maybe she was looking at this the wrong way. "Look beyond your expectations," Kanan was fond of saying. Worth a shot, Sabine thought.

OK, stop looking at them as warriors or fighters
, she told herself. It was the only way she knew how to look at things and so logically, it was the best place to find expectations. The rodians there were a family and while they never put up a fight, the father always put himself in the path of any punishment the slavers dealt. A natural urge to protect his family but also a clue that he could take more punishment than he seemed.

And the human woman over there. She'd taken two kids who were likely orphans and was giving them her food and water. Again, signs of more resilience than it would seem. In fact the more she looked at their actions rather than their appearance, the more she realized each of them was much more than they seemed.

She could use that. If she could convince them she know how to break the collars.

Voice pitched low and near to the engine noise, she said, "I think I know how we can break out of these collars."

No response. Well, a twi'lek blinked and the rodian might have rolled his eyes.

"I said..."

"We heard you," the rodian hissed. "We just don't believe you or want to invite more trouble."

"Fair enough. You don't know who I am. But look, the collars are simple and brutal. I've seen the schematics. Thing is, in being simple, there's no way to stop a electrical surge from frying the circuits."

"Oh that's great. We just need the guards to shock us to break free. Why didn't anyone think of that?"

Sabine sighed. "No. The charge needs to come from outside the system. One of those whips they use or a power coupling will do the trick."

The rodian shook his head. "Prove it or be quiet."

Fine, Sabine thought and went to work on the panel nearest her. She worked as quietly as she could but dropping a screw, which rattled away. To her surprise, the twi'lek coughed and some of the humans shifted around to hide the noise. Biting back her smile, she went back to work and soon had a power cable exposed. Reaching in carefully, she pulled it out, looked to the twi'lek, who was nearest, and said, "I'll try not to scream but it is going to hurt. Can you cover or pull the cable away if I screw up?"

Nodding, the twi'lek scooted closer. All eyes on her, Sabine touched the cable to her collar and gritted her teeth.

Caught completely by surprise, the slavers didn't put up much of a fight. All ended up fighting to the death however and all lost. The now freed slaves held a conference and most decided to see what fortunes they could find in the new freed ship. Sabine asked for a ride back to Lothal and suggested, as payment, that Hera might be able to reprogram the ship's transmitter to give it a new signature.

Kanan and the Ghost crew were eager to help, though quite put out that Sabine had acted on her own without checking in with them first; Hera especially. Kanan seemed to understand that timing was short and Zeb just wanted to hear the story again.

When she finally made it back to her bunk aboard the Ghost, Sabine couldn't help thinking of Ketsu, nor how good it had felt to free those people. Even if she didn't get paid.
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Sabine exits the elevator and starts looking for Jay’s work area and the drones. Of course, finding anything in the garage can be a challenge and so she calls out a few times before hitting on an inspiration. Pulling up the comm on her gauntlet, she sends out a binary ping which results in a hum of inquiry and incoming drones.

“Hey guys,” she says in greeting. “I’m sorry I’m not familiar enough with you but I’m looking for Lock, Shock, and Barrel?”

The three drones bob in air with a manner that seems to be affirmative, so Sabine grins. “I was hoping you guys could help me again. I don’t have any new tech with me, but I could bring some later. What I need is another scan, like you guys did of that old data pad before? This time though, I need the collar I am wearing. Could you do that?”

In answer, the three separate and surround Sabine, soft hums and quick flashes of light all the response she gets. She’s pretty sure they add up to agreement, which is confirmed when a scan hits the collar.

Unfortunately, Sabine's nerves ignite into pain as the collar reacts defensively to the scans, shocking her.

She falls to her knees and the drones stop immediately; worried boops and blips of lights as they zoom in close to her.

“Karabast, that was unpleasant. I need the scan though, so go ahead.”

The drones back off.

“I can take it. Please.”

The drones stop but make no move to return to scanning, though they do seem to be talking amongst themselves.

“Okay, I get you don’t want to hurt me, but I need to know how this is put together so I can work out ways to break it. I’ve gotten myself caught by slavers and it’s not just me that needs to break free. There are fifteen other people, some of them families. I’m their best chance at freedom but I need to know how to break these collars and I can’t do that without knowing how they’re put together. So please?”

Hesitantly, the drones move forward again.

“Thanks, but try and be quick,” Sabine says before she can’t think of anything else but the pain.
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 It was just a simple food run. She even had a list. Drop by, load up the crates, and ride off back to the Ghost on the speeder. Simple.

 But when she spotted the slavers loading their own supplies into their freighter, Sabine couldn't help but get involved. Unlike the times before with Ketsu, though, this time Sabine would do more than trip a guard or help a runner escape. This time she had no one to tell her what to do. This time, she'd act and do much more.

 Downloading the slavers's nav-com took a little finessing but she managed it. Intel in hand, or gauntlet in this case, Sabine pulled out her pigment sprayer to leave a quick message for when the Ghost crew came looking for her. Then all that was left was to get herself snatched up into slavery.

 Which proved even easier than the nav-comm and much more satisfying as she felt the crunch of the guard's nose beneath her fist.

 [OOC: The original idea for this came from the Star Wars Rebels magazine. I'm adapting it to have occurred before Ezra joined the crew.]
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 It's been two rotations and three missions, and she is starting to realize she's kidding herself if she thinks she's going to leave. The crew of the Ghost worked well together and she fits in as if she's been training with them for months.

Zeb, the lasat, was gruff at first but when she noticed his bo riffle and was clearly impressed by its capabilities, speaking from clear knowledge of the weapon, he warned up enough that he let her rig a fresh power cell from her stores for the weapon.

Kanan, the scruffy guy, was already friendly, but then he was friendly to everyone. She did get a cautious and protective vibe from him, but he didn't try and keep her from playing an active role in the missions, so she put up with him.

Hera, the pilot, still keep her at arms length, but Sabine was pretty sure it was to be the voice of logic and not any sort of malice or mistrust.

Which left Chopper, the droid. An older model astromech, older even R2 units, his circuits seemed half-fried. But when she noticed one of his servos was off-true and fixed it, she knew she'd won him over...well, as much as anyone could win over the cranky droid.

Clearly she could make a home here. But did she want to? She still wasn't quite sure of what it was they did. Each mission started as the typical illicit job, thieving or smuggling, but they always seemed to end up helping someone and always to the cost of the Empire.

"A few days was too short to tell for certainty," a voice inside said. A voice that sounded far too much like Ketsu. "You should clear off now before things got more complicated."

What does your heart fight for? She heard then, Kanan's words. She didn't quite know what she fought for any more. Credits? She knew that answer wasn't the right one. To stick it to the Empire? Somewhat. It certainly was a good thing in her view, but not the root of her heart. Looking deep, she saw the faces of the people she'd helped while working with Ketsu. Not the Hutt's or other crime lords who hired them, but the people she helped for no reason than that she could.

Smiling, she took a deep breath and looked around the cabin Hera had given her to use. She'd have to paint it soon. Too dull in here and if it was going to be home, it desperately needed colors. And a work bench.

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She awoke without the weight of her armor. More than waking in a place she didn’t recognize, more than waking in a vague awareness of pain, that set her on guard. She opened her eyes a crack, enough to see if there was anyone about. Finding herself alone in a bare room--metal walls and bunks, sparse furniture, all bolted down or with latches--caused her to relax a little. No immediate danger.

Opening her eyes fully, she pulled herself into a sitting position and winced at the burning pull of newly healed skin and muscle across her back. The discomfort reminded her of what happened. Ketsu running and leaving her for dead, the scruffy looking guy offering her bacta in exchange for helping him get back to his ship, fighting, and something else...a wookie? With purple fur?

That didn’t make any sense and she was pretty kriffing certain she did not remember boarding a ship, which this room suggested.

Looking around, she spotted her things sitting on a chair near the bunk she was in, her armor and as important, her blasters. Standing carefully, with only a little dizziness, she grabbed one of the blasters and went to see where she was.

Soon enough, she started hearing voices, which either meant she was on a small ship or just happened to be near where ever the speakers were. Following the sounds, she found the cargo bay and a group of people, among them the scruffy guy. He was standing in a group of people, families if she had to guess. Parents and children, or at least adults with younglings. The races matched and the adults were offering comfort to the children, so it was a logical conclusion.

They also seemed to be laborers or farmers. Rough clothing. Cheaply made or perhaps even hand made.

On the other side of the group Sabine spotted a twi'lek (green skinned and wearing a pilot’s jumpsuit) and a species with purple fur. The “wookie” she half remembered? Wait, a lasat? Weren’t those extinct? She was certain she read a report about how the Empire put down an uprising there. Of course, that meant little she now knew. The Empire’s lies were the least of it’s sins.

“And we’ve got new passes for you. They’re very good and will get you past any security check points. I know it’s not ideal, but the Empire will be on the lookout for your descriptions here. These passes and moving far away are you best chance, unless you want to go to a camp some other folks the Empire has displaced have started?”

The families didn’t look happy but didn’t argue. “Will these really work?”

“They're from our best guy. They’ll work,” Scruffy guy replied just as the lasat nudged the twi’lek and nodded towards Sabine.

“No, they won’t,” she heard herself say with a sigh. “Not unless there’s data in the system to go with the passes. Did your forger take care of that?”


“Give me a terminal and half an hour.”

Scruffy looked towards the twi’lek for permission (interesting) and she nodded, though her lekku were stiff with suspicion. She looked over to an antique droid, saying, “Show her the way, Chopper, and give her a hand.”

Sabine knew ‘give her a hand’ was really ‘keep an eye on her’, which she could respect. It’s what she would do after all.
Three hours later, the people were settled in a new village and the crew turned to Sabine.

“My name’s Kanan. Sorry about not being there when you woke up, but as you saw, I was busy. We got away from the ‘troopers, obviously, but you passed out once we were in a safe area; before we got to my ship here.”

“And you carried me back?’ Sabine asked confused.

“Not quite. Zeb here,” Kanan replied with a thumb jabbed towards the lasat who nodded curtly, “did the real carrying.”


“'Thank you' would be the better thing to say, but it was the proper thing to do. Besides, we had a deal and you held up your part of the bargain.”

“Thank you,” she said, crossing her arms and doing her best to seem in control. The whole situation was unfamiliar and unnerving. “What now?”

“Well,” Kanan said with another look towards the twi’lek who gave a friendly nod, while her lekku’s movements suggested caution towards Kanan (if Sabine was remembering her twi’lik correctly). “That’s up to you. Hera here,” he gestured to the twi’lek, “would be happy to fly you where you’d like to go, but we were wondering if you’d like to fly with us for a little while. You are handy with a blaster and that was a good call with those refugees and the Empire’s datasystem. We’d welcome your help.”

“What are the credits like?”

“Not very good,” Kanan admitted. “But we aren’t into it for the credits. Are credits what your heart fights for or is there another fight in you?”

His question caught her off guard and made her wonder what he knew of Mandalorian culture.

“How about I fly with you for a few days and think about it?”

Kanan, Zeb, and even Chopper turned to Hera so Sabine did the same. Hera in turn looked to each before looking into Sabine’s eyes for a long look before offering a tight smile. “That will be fine. You can have the room you woke up in.”
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 It all ended on Lothal.

They had been building a reputation for themselves, she and Ketsu, and the credits were adding up. Soon, they'd likely be able to get a better ship than the pile of junk they were currently flying. There had been a few bits of friction between them. Instances when Sabine felt a helping hand didn't cost them anything. Small things. Like the time she'd tripped a thief who'd stolen a weary mother's credit purse, or another time when she'd "accidentally" deactivated the shock collars on a trio of slaves. Little things that felt right.

Little things that pissed off her partner, despite Ketsu turning each into some small profit. "Never do anything for free!" She'd always say to Sabine. "Credits are power. Credits give you control."

They always worked things out though. Sworn sisters, together against the galaxy and damn the Empire, they were going to end up on top.

Then they'd taken the job.

A simple snatch and grab. Fly in at night, break into a storage facility, reclaim the client's cargo, and fly off scott-free.

But the storage facility had been too well staffed, by both guards and droids. None of which was in the intel the client had given them. Things turned pear shaped quickly, and not in the entertaining way. With no warning everything was lights and alarms. They were running, escape just two shipping crates away, now through the window, a leap and...she'd felt the burn of a blaster and her legs went numb. She was falling and her last sight of Ketsu was her running along the roof and shaking her head.

Her sworn sister running and leaving her behind.

She woke some time later. She wasn't sure how long. Some feeling had returned to her legs and she picked herself up. She could hear a several search parties coming her way but she could barely stand, let alone run. Gritting her teeth, she strapped herself to a nearby support column. If this was going to be her end, she'd face it standing and fighting, like a Mandalorian. Her vision went double as she secured the strap and she had to blink a few times. And shake her head. It was getting hard to focus. Damn it, nerflings, get here already, she thought, before I pass out again.

"You look like you've seen better days," a male voice said, interrupting her thoughts. Panicked, she aimed her blaster at...well, the middle one is likely to be the actual guy. He was tall and lanky; long hair and scruffy clothes in earth tones. He also held a blaster but was aiming it away from her. "I can patch you up. I've some medical supplies. Mostly field stuff but if you can fire those blasters and help me get to my ship, I can promise a bacta treatment and a safe berth to heal."

"Don't have many credits," she admits through her helmet's intercom.

"Hey, just get me to my ship and we'll call it square. I'm pinned here just like you and I'd rather live than go out in a blaze of glory."

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polychromaticInsurgent began trolling


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Expressing herself with words has never been an easy thing for Sabine; at least not when she's feeling vulnerable. Anger, mistrust? Sure. Fear for a friend or worry for a friendship? Not so much.

So instead of telling Kanan she was there and worried about him, she started experimenting with her art. Multimedia pieces that he could feel and explore. Working beyond colors was difficult at first, but she rose to the challenge and she liked to think Kanan got the message.
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Sabine ran through the forest after the mythosaur but quickly lost it. How such a large creature, whose head she had seen above the tree line, could disappear so quickly was frustrating and mystifying. She paused in her run, switching her helmet's display to heat signature, but still saw no sign of the creature. She did see a large heat source of to the south though and so headed that way. Maybe the mythosaur was crouching down or settling for a nap?

Soon enough Sabine was near the large heat source and so she slowed to approach cautiously. Switching to the heat sign signature to the minor view, she reactivated the visual light and continued, doing her best not to make any noise. She could now see flickering light up ahead, likely form a fire. Movement as well.

Turning the targeting arm of her helmet forward, her view magnified and she could see two women near the fire; one seemingly dressed in the height of Mandalorian fashion and the other dressed in beskar'gam, the armor for infamous through out the galaxy. Pulling the targeting arm back up, she approached more carefully until she was within earshot.

"Violence cannot be the way forward!" The high fashion woman was saying. Closer now, Sabine could see she wore a head piece suggestive of the mythosaur and was dressed in the royal tones of Mandalore, purples, greens, and blues. Someone important than.

"And who will be left to defend your precious noble cities?" The other woman replied hotly. Sabine could see her armor was painted grey and blue. Deathwatch? "Who will keep the Republic or the Separatist from claiming Mandalore? They will not simply ask if they decide Mandalore is to be theirs and no pretty speech is going to stop them."

"That is what the Protectors are for."

"Ah, so violence is okay as long as someone else is doing it. Can't get your hands dirty now can you?"

Noting the resemblance between the two, despite the vast differences in their dress, Sabine guessed they were the sisters Satine and Bo-Katan Kryze, the last two rulers of Mandalore. Before the Empire and before the brief civil war that brought the Empire.

"We cannot lost ourselves to war again. It would destroy Mandalore. Why can't you see that? Art, Philosophy, Diplomacy, these are what will save our culture!"

"And our warrior's heart and honor will protect those things! Without the will to fight for them, how can they have any meaning?!?"

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Sabine stood and looked over her work, adding a spray of ocre to the whole. She and Ketsu had escaped the Academy months ago, living hand to mouth for a while until they'd stumbled into bounty hunting. Unsurprisingly, they both took to the trade with ease, quickly becoming not only competent, but gaining a rep as well; they were Mandalorian after all. Now things were much more comfortable and they even had their own ship to prove it.

Stepping back a pace to look at the whole of her work, Sabine shook her head and stepped forward again, covering a curve with her finger while she added a few quick bursts of magenta over the gear-like symbol of the Empire.

"Anytime now," Keysu said impatiently from her spot at the corner keeping an eye out for Impies. "You do remember we're on a schedule here?"

"Just about....there!" Sabine replied and stood back to look at the star devouring the Imperial black.

"Finally. Why you always do this, I don't know. Impies are just going to paint over it."

Sabine could explain it's just her way of telling the Empire they didn't silence her and that she was free, but Ketsu didn't get it the first time she tried, so why bother?
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[OOC: Not official canon.]

As Sabine stood on the warehouse roof, three hours past curfew, and stared across the street, she was reminded of the words of Danis Fett: "There are risks and costs to action; often planned but just as often unexpected or over-looked." 

The blasted and still smoking ruins of the storeroom the cadets had been using to practice their martial arts—pieced together from fragmented datafiles (all they could find of their planet's legacy)—were still crawling with 'troopers and officers. She couldn't see any cadets but that meant little. Frozen, she just stared as part of her processed the chemical signatures of the explosives and the scorch marks from the E-11 blaster rifles.

She knew the how.

She was the how. Her report had caused this, but why?

A sudden jerk on her arm derailed her thoughts and pulled her to the roof, prone and out of sight. "Are you trying to get yourself shot?" Hissed a voice. Sabine blinked and took a moment to recognize her friend, Ketsu Onyo. Relief flooded Sabine and she dared hope. If Ketsu hadn't been caught, maybe others had escaped as well!

"Who else is free?" She asked, hopeful and desperate.

Ketsu studied Sabine before answering. "I don't know. I only saw three of us get captured, but this is not the only way they struck. I think I heard more arrests on the south side of the block."

Sabine sat up and pulled her knees into her chest at this news, shaking her head. "No. No. No."

Ketsu looked from Sabine to the skies and back. "What?" She asked, picking up that something was very wrong.

Sabine swallowed the lie that waited on her tongue. Lying amongst the Mandalorian cadets, her family, was wrong and she owed Ketsu the truth. "This is my fault. I filled a report. I...."

Ketsu exhaled and shook her head in dismay. "Later," she commanded, interrupting. They had to get off the roof and back to the barracks before it was too late, if it wasn't already.

They made it back to their dorm and seemingly without being spotted or caught. Ketsu shushed Sabine yet again when she started to talk and indicated they needed to look for listening devices or cams. Finding three, Ketsu jerked her head towards the showers and pulled Sabine with her. 

"Explain yourself," Ketsu demanded once she had the water running to create a layer of white noise. "Why would you do this?" 

Sabine took a deep breath to settle herself before answering. "I thought the Empire would see the value of what we were doing, that learning the old ways would make us more effective as cadets. I had to report, the ISB is already watching me, but I was hoping to do some good."

"Little sister, that was foolish. How many names do they have?"

"I don't know." Sabine admitted, looking away from Ketsu's accusation. "I swear. I gave none. I didn't even tell them where we met or how many came. They must have been watching me ever since I filed the report."

"Okay," Ketsu said, rolling on her heels. "Okay, here's what we have to do. We keep quiet. Act like nothing has happened. At least until we can figure out how to get out of here. I'm done with the Empire, how about you?"

Sabine paused, honor warring with loyalty to the dreams the Empire promised. But she was Mandalorian, honor would always win in such contests. "I'm with you, but they'll be watching us closely. How can we plan anything, let alone act on it with the ISB watching us?"

Ketsu laughed. "We're Mandalorians and you are a prodigy. We'll do it because we have to."

[OOC: *This is actually a JFK quote, tweaked slightly.]
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It's been a few weeks now and Sabine has been reporting incidents and rumors from other students as had been requested. At first she didn't see anything of use with what she reported but as students mysteriously were given demerits or other disciplines, she quickly figured out what was happening.

Truth be told, she was enjoying the power, especially when students who were mean to her ended up on the disciplinary list. Funny how that worked.

The glow of this power quickly faded though and so she started trying to report praise worthy actions at least as much as the negative. Somehow those whose good deeds she reported didn't end up with promotions or extra privileges as much as the demerits and disciplinary actions were happening.

Finally, she decided to push the good behavior. Enough time had passed that a natural progression towards model behavior could be expected and so she didn't think anything of it. Besides, this report was nothing but a pure morale boost.

To: ISB Agent 49876
From: MC2323

At 3:00, I was invited to participate in an extra curricular activity, a sort of fight club specializing in the Mandalorian style of close quarters combat. Several other cadets and myself were invited in secret to a warehouse near the water ways. Since that first night, the location has changed each time. While the protocols of these activities are obviously not quite standard, I feel they can only add value to the cadets and the Empire. The boost in moral aside, the added skills to the Empire's curriculum can only increase the effectiveness of our fighting prowess.

Please advise for further actions.
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[OCC: This is not canon, but head canon based on hints given in Star Wars Rebels and Sabine's Rebel Sketchbook.]

The smell of chemicals has always been a comforting scent to Sabine. Today they were scents of solvents and paints but they could just as easily be that of explosives as far as she was concerned. She couldn't help humming lightly as she cleaned the paint sprayers and other components, even if she was being kept after class as a punishment.

She stopped humming immediately when she heard the room's door woosh open and turned, ready to offer a salute; which was good as it was her Imperial guardian and not a student. She executed her salute perfectly and held it, as regulations demanded.

"At ease, cadet," he said as he removed his hat and took a seat.

Not a good sign. Sabine thought as she relaxed to a loose attention.

He waited just long enough to build tension before continuing. "Your visual language instructor had a complaint against your behavior. Would you care to explain yourself?"

Was that all this was? Sabine wondered before placing the empty sprayer on the table beside her. "I was working on the propaganda assignment as ordered. I complied with all instructions, with one exception. I felt the addition of a magenta hue would offset the Imperial red well. My instructor informed me I did not have that liberty. I tried to argue my case but he would not listen. He wouldn't even look at the completed poster."

"And so he explained to me," her guardian replied as he straightened the crease in his pants. "Did you think your skills greater than the propaganda team hand picked by the Emperor himself? You, a mere cadet?"

"No, Sir," Sabine relied humbly, though it galled her. Anyone with the minutest sense of color would see she was right.

"Then you will comply with the color palette, and other requirements, as they are given to you?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good," he said with a nod. The matter clearly done with. "I have other news. I took the liberty of presenting your file to the Imperial Security Bureau. They seem most interested in your potential. Tread carefully these next few weeks or months, Sabine. They will be watching you. You have a lot to offer the Empire, and I firmly believe you would be best utilized in the ISB. Do not disappoint me."

"Yes, Sir," she replied, a little shocked at this turn of events.

He smiled tightly at her then, as he stood to leave. Pausing at the door, he turned to look over his shoulder and meet her eye, "And keep an ear out for any rumors your fellow cadets might be sharing. The ISB finds much of use in them."

"Yes, Sir," Sabine replied with another crisp salute, though she wasn't sure about spying on the other cadets. Did he even mean her friends? What intel could possibly come from rumors?