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 The mission is simple. Stall the cargo ship from take off until the specified time, just fifteen minutes, and then get out before the bucketheads come in force. Easy, especially when you have a Lasan's throwing arm.

 Sabine checks her controls and their connection to the detinators before nodding over to Zeb, aka Specter Four across the way. He in turn looks over to the other alley to get Spector One's go ahead. The Imperials were in for an exciting night.

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11/6/17 19:31 (UTC)
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"Spectre-4, go," Kanan says, nodding at Zeb before sliding deeper into the alley, losing visual for a few moments as he changes position. This place is a warren, but it's really handy for spreading chaos and wasting time.

"Spectre-5, you're on deck."

Now he's just got to move the two anti-grav pallets to block this alley, and then . . .

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24/6/17 00:00 (UTC)
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"I don't think we're gonna have long to wait," Kanan cuts in in a low undertone.

"I'm marking movement at the perimeter."

He finishes placing the pallets, then slips into the shadows and moves across the way, head down, looking at a datapad.

He is clearly very busy. No threat at all.

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24/6/17 14:30 (UTC)
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"I've got the transport."

Kanan hops onto the speeder tucked away in the alley, kicking it into gear and darting into the street and heading straight for the transport. Time to play distraction.

(It's a reason he's mapped out the maze he made with pallets.)

"Spectre-1 is go."

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26/6/17 22:28 (UTC)
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"Coming in hot."

Luring the patrol wasn't difficult, but keeping them just close enough without quite catching him is the real trick.

Fortunately Kanan's had a lot of practice.

"You ready, Spectre-4?"

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4/7/17 03:59 (UTC)
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"I've got you covered," Kanan says, riding hell-bent toward the troopers and leaping off the speeder at the last minute.

He rolls behind another set of hover-pallets and starts laying down covering fire.

"Are you sure you can't make time move any faster, Spectre-5?"

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6/7/17 12:38 (UTC)
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"Keep at it. We can still run out the clock."

He ducks behind the pallets for a second, taking a deep breath and centering himself.

Then Kanan bolts out of cover and books it down one of the other alleys, pushing a few pallets into place behind him and moving for Zeb's position.

"Two more minutes."

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7/7/17 01:38 (UTC)
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Kanan switches position as the fire from the stormtroopers lightens. It's got nominally better sight-lines than his last post, but it's also a little bit more exposed to the troopers working on clearing the landing gear.

That's going to be really relevant in another minute or so.

Someone's got to make the Ghost crew's retreat look good.

"One more push ought to do it, Spectre-4. 5, you're ready to clear out on 'go'?"

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9/7/17 13:35 (UTC)
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"Spectre-4, break and run."

It's going to be a slow trickle of them out of here, to give the illusion that they're still trying to get the troopers off the ship.

Which means --

"5, get to my position!"

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10/7/17 22:33 (UTC)
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Kanan exhales as he slows his own run past the position down which Spectre-5 vanished. Not again.

"Hey, 5, we're running here, not taking a break for lunch!"

He pauses and backtracks momentarily, readying his blaster to fire at any stormtroopers that should appear.

"Do we have a problem here?"

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10/7/17 23:10 (UTC)
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"Does Spectre-2 know about this?"

If not, Sabine should probably tell her. It's definitely something Hera would appreciate, maybe better than Kanan can.

"I guess I wouldn't call it selfish."

He reaches out to rest his hand on her shoulder in approbation, just for a second.

"But we can have excited talks about philosophy and your success somewhere that's not about to be overrun by stormtroopers, okay?"

And the hand on her shoulder becomes a light shove to get her moving again, with Kanan following along straight after.

"It'll save on bacta!"

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11/7/17 01:11 (UTC)
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"Pretty sure 4's not going to fight you for it," Kanan says, with a tiny smirk. "And neither am I."

Plus it's good practice for the day when Sabine inevitably runs her own missions.

(They grow up so fast!)


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