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 After completing the mission, Sabine goes in search of Hera. The galley is a bust, which means she's likely in the cockpit.

As she climbs the ladder, she can't help the clench of fear in her belly. She knows it's silly--she's bringing good news--but she can't help the thought of what happened back on Mandalore, when she thought was delivering good news and instead it was used to betray her friends. 

Back stiff, she enters and removes her helmet, holding it under her arm.

(It's totally not a comfort thing.)

 "The mission was a success."

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11/7/17 14:00 (UTC)
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"That's always good to hear."

Hera's still finishing up something with the nav computer, but after a moment she looks up from it, smiling.

Her smile flickers, barely, at Sabine's stance, and she nods to the co-pilot's chair. "Do you want to take a seat?"

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12/7/17 02:43 (UTC)
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Hera leans back in her chair, listening. She nods a couple times, but doesn't speak while Sabine does.

There's another brief, small smile before Hera answers, evenly, "I've heard of it."
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Hera looks away for a moment, ahead to the blur of hyperspace beyond them. She's frowning, slightly, her eyes sharp and focused, but with no hint of anger.

"The Empire works ripping whatever it can use from those living under it, and then leaving them with nothing. Or worse. Anything else is a nuisance, or a threat."

Hera looks back to her, her gaze becoming gentler.

"We don't work like that, Sabine. We don't see you as some set of skills to exploit, and I'd never want you to feel that you don't have a voice in this crew."

Yet her voice is tempered by the knowledge of what she'll say next. "But we do have to be careful."

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13/7/17 04:11 (UTC)
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Hera's eyes fall to the hologram. She lifts her hand, covering her mouth for a moment as she looks at it, and takes a deep breath before lowering it, and smiling again. "No, we're not."

She looks back up to Sabine. "I trust you to put the mission first. I know you can make those kinds of judgments, though –" Her mouth quirks slightly "- it might be helpful to make sure the others know what you're up to.

"But it's not just that." Hera speaks a little more slowly now, almost as though she has to convince herself of what she's saying. "We have to keep a low profile for now. If the Empire can identify us, they'll come down hard, and we're not ready for that yet."

Her hand shifts, as though she were thinking of reaching out to Sabine, but she stops herself. Instead, she looks to the projection again. "Believe me, I know how important this is. I learned a long time ago that morale's as powerful as any weapon. All I'm asking is that you keep that in mind. I'm sure you can make it work."

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15/7/17 14:07 (UTC)
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"Something like that."

Hera leans forward in her chair, also thinking it over.

"You'd probably know what to do better than I do. But if you've got an audience, maybe think about what will catch their attention, but not necessarily the Empire's."

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15/7/17 20:22 (UTC)
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"If you think you could do it without getting unwanted attention..."

But Hera smiles - a small, quick grin. It seems like a fair enough compromise.

"If anyone could pull it off, you could."


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