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The Republic has fallen, long live the Empire...or so the propaganda and the government would have you believe.

Things are different than the galaxy far far away we are used to. The Republic still fell, the Jedi branded traitors and hunted to near extinction, but Palpatine's plan didn't go off quite so flawlessly as it had in other realities. Anakin Skywalker had discovered the chip used to control the clones and confronted the Chancelor before he was ready to execute Order 66, Anakin slipped into the Dark Side in an attempt to kill Palpatine, but escaped without managing to do the galaxy a favor.

Goaded into action, Palpatine advanced his plans and turned public and legal opinion against the Jedi. However, since he was forced to move before he was ready, his plans didn't work quite so well.

Forewarned of the potential for clones to be ordered to turn on them, many Jedi escaped death and went into hiding; many taking their closest clones with them for the medical procedure to remove the control chip.

Senators loyal to the Republic and the Jedi secretly meet to discuss means to fight against the corruption of their beloved Republic, forming the early Rebellion.

Out in galaxy, the Separatists still fight their war of expansion, with Count Dooku having never been killed by Anakin, and a new threat to the galaxy is growing as Maul returns to Mandalore after being freed from Republic custody by loyal Death Watch members. A new Mandalorian expansion begins.

Ten years later, the burgeoning Rebel Alliance is being ground between the Separatists, the Mandalorians, and the Empire. Although aided by a much reduced Jedi Order, the struggle may be too great.

Into all of this comes Sabine Wren. A young Mandalorian who grew up loyal to her clan and her people. When she shows early signs of force sensitivity, her mother (concerned she'll lose her daughter to Maul) contacts an old family friend, Bo-Katan, and arranges to get Sabine out of Mandalorian space before her daughter's talents are discovered. Bo-Katan (a member of Death Watch but who believes Mandalore should be lead by Mandalorians) contacts another old friend, Ahsoka Tano, who smuggles the young girl out and accepts her as a student.

Sabine proves an apt pupil, quickly learning any skills shown her, while deep inside the young padawan simmers a conflict; that she is dishonoring her Mandalorian heritage and failing her people.

Details not mentioned above:
- Anakin, while still alive, was gravely injured in his fight with Palpatine and still struggles with the Dark Side. He is kept in protective custody and only a very few people even know he's still alive and where he is. I'm guessing Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, and Padme are the only knows who know where he is, and Padme and Obi-Wan (since Mustafar doesn't happen in this AU) are the ones carrying for Anakin. Bail may know. Ahsoka has not told Sabine about Anakin.

- While the Jedi maintain the padawan learner tradition, they are simply too few to entrust training to one master. Thus padawans are moved around, a lot, with many taking part in their training. Sabine spends most of her time with either Ahsoka or Kanan and the Ghost crew. (The Jedi did take a good 5 years or so to recover and organize, so Kanan's past before SWR can easily have still happened. Order 66 did occur, just not every clone took a part in it.)